Nick Nichols

Edgy domestic mystery & suspense

“con·do·na·tion–voluntary overlooking or pardon of an offense. specifically : express or implied and usually conditional forgiveness of a spouse’s marital wrong (as adultery or cruelty)”

What if a serious guy, a good businessman and family man, learns his wife is cheating. And with his business partner no less. It devastates him.

The pain and disappointment pushes him to the edge and into a really dark place, where he contemplates something awful but essentially *just* as a consequence of her infidelity.

But then things change, and she wants to reconcile. There’s hope and things do change.

Unfortunately, the change is short-lived. The reconciliation doesn’t work out. She still wants out.

This husband learns the lesson of condonation the hard way, and he must find his way out.

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Jimmy Lucas, a wealthy restaurant owner, and Catherine Russo, his enticing mistress, are the subjects of this enthralling tale. When Jimmy dies, possibly from too much red wine, the man’s family, including his wife, has many questions. Uppermost, is why Jimmy’s will was changed two … read more.

A struggling attorney with an impossible assignment. Will probing into a community deep in mourning bring out the truth… or set anger ablaze? Jack Adams longs to return to the fray. Fresh from a bar suspension, the struggling lawyer is acutely aware he can’t afford to make any more bad judgments. read more.

An ambitious young lawyer. The opportunity of his career. Will a merciless beauty be his downfall? Jack Adams keeps his sharp eyes on the prize. So when he earns the chance to handle the top divorce case at the firm, the determined lawyer vows nothing will ruin his chance at a full partnership. But he’s immediately thrown off course by the stunning vision who strolls into his office. read more.

About Nick Nichols

Nick Nichols, a writer specializing in legal thrillers and domestic dramas, brings a wealth of experience to his narratives, drawing from his extensive 30-year career as a family lawyer.

His novels intricately weave tales of divorce, scandal, heartbreak, and betrayal, elements he’s intimately familiar with from his legal practice. These themes resonate deeply within his work, offering readers a gripping and authentic glimpse into the complexities of human relationships and the legal intricacies of family law.

Nick’s writing style is characterized by its vivid descriptions, dynamic characters, and a knack for capturing the emotional turmoil that often accompanies familial disputes. His books have gained a loyal following, appealing to those who appreciate the gritty realism and emotional depth of his stories.

Nick resides in Jacksonville Beach with his wife Emma and their spirited cat (The Kitty). Along with working on his next novel, he finds joy in watching the spectacular sunrise every morning.

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